HFactory for infrastructure monitoring

Windfarm picture

With the deployment of digital utility meters, utility providers are about to face a data cliff. New technologies and approaches are needed to manage and analyse large amount of time series data in a cost-effective manner. HFactory, by integrating the most advanced Big Data and NoSQL technologies in a packaged platform, is a perfect fit to monitor the different elements used in the grid and in the off-grid system.

Federates grid, operational, and customer data into one single platform.

Helps detect problems in real-time and make smarter decisions.

Instead of integrating low-level components, you can focus on what is important for the business: the delivery of new data services to improve the operational efficiency of the plants and the resilience of the network infrastructure.

Through the integration of the Apache Spark analytic engine, HFactory makes it easy to validate and deploy your machine learning algorithms on huge datasets. The platform bridges the gap between data science and production so that you can do a better job of addressing problems before they occur.

Ultimate scalability

HBase data storage

Streaming technology

Ingest data in real-time

Predictive analytics

Manage and prevent outages