Integrated platform for operational analytics

Simplicity via RESTful interface


HFactory transforms the way enterprises and data engineers interact with Big Data. The full-stack platform fully hides away the complexity of distributed systems. HFactory delivers a unified solution for analytics and data serving through a high-level, business-oriented RESTful interface.

Real-time insights

In Big Data environments, the value has now shifted to velocity. HFactory offers built-in real-time aggregation and data analysis capabilities using the standard Apache Spark streaming analytics technology. You can act on data in motion, as it is streamed into the platform.

Real-time insights
Extensibility with Spark API


HFactory delivers the perfect balance between packaging and extensibility. The platform’s flexible data model is easily adaptable to new resources, data types and specific workflows. For advanced analytics, its Spark API makes domain-specific machine learning algorithms as easy to deploy as a function call.

Choice of deployment

HFactory is a Docker-based, cloud-agnostic platform: you are in control. You can select the deployment mode that best suits your own organisation and data confidentiality requirements. On premise, in the cloud of your choice or hosted by the experts at Ubeeko.

Deployment choice