HFactory Time Series Analytics (TSA)


Designed for the Industrial IoT

HFactory TSA extends the core HFactory platform with powerful extensions to monitor and analyse time series data. It is the perfect for the management of IIoT-style data coming from machines, sensors and devices. Built with the specific requirements of Industrial Internet applications in mind, HFactory TSA works out of the box with your data. You do not need to worry about complex integration work.


Purpose-built for time series


Spark-based analytic


Self-service dashboard

HFactory TSA

HFactory TSA helps you make dumb IoT “things” smart.

An end-to-end solution, HFactory TSA covers the complete data lifecycle from real-time capture to interactive visualisation. The platform packages the best technologies for time series management and analytics in a packaged solution dedicated to the Industrial Internet of Things.

Unified stream and batch data ingestion

HFactory TSA offers a powerful REST and CSV API for data ingestion and filtering. The API can easily cope with 10’000 of sensors transmitting data points at high frequency.

As data is streamed into the platform, it is analysed in real-time using Apache Spark and its streaming package to raise alarms in case thresholds are exceeded or anomalies detected.

Data ingestion with Spark

One backend for all kind of data

HFactory TSA delivers a unified storage of time series, structured and social data. Time series are stored using an extensible sensor / device / system hierarchy and a built-in data model.

To get started, there is no special schema design or custom application logic required. Whenever needed, additional model data can either be represented via a powerful tags, or added to the base data model.

Data consolidation with HBase

Pre-built logic and functions

Powered by the Apache Spark analytic engine, HFactory TSA offers a very flexible analytic layer. The solution includes pre-built logic for automatically calculating common aggregates and statistical functions on time ranges.

For deep analytic processing, HFactory offers a selection of pre-validated models for sequential pattern trending and anomaly detection as well as a graphical and interactive data exploration and analysis interface.

Data analytics with Spark

Self-service time series dashboard

HFactory TSA includes a pre-packaged dashboard for time series data. The application has been developed with performance in mind: Unlike standard BI tools, it can cope with the interactive display of high volume time series data.

The complete dashboard application, from the alert tables to the chart widgets, can also be readily extended with custom components and styling using the platform RESTful API.

Dashboard visualisation