Easy web services on top of a Hadoop data lake

Posted on 24 May 2016

As it entered the enterprise world, Hadoop has become increasingly associated with the concept of data lake. The idea is actually very simple (hence its success!): with its schema-free file system, capable of handling structured, semi-structured and new unstructured data alike, Hadoop helps overcome the traditional structuration of enterprise data in silos.

With a wide range of tools to import data, the use of commodity hardware for underlying storage and the availability of parallel processing technologies for data transformation, Hadoop has indeed long had all the ingredients for building a data lake in a cost-effective manner. And over the last 2/3 years, we have also seen a flourish of data exploration and business intelligence visualisation options on top of Hadoop and Hive.

But as more and more enterprise data lands into Hadoop, new requirements emerge, and it is essential to make this wealth of data horizontally accessible across organisations. Exposing Big Data via standard RESTful interfaces is now becoming vital to allow Hadoop data to be consumed into various enterprise applications. Not just for data exploration, but also for low-latency access as part of operational use cases.

In this perspective, HFactory offers easy, rapid building of web services on top of Hadoop and HBase. And today, we are pleased to announce that we have made it even easier for enterprise professional and developers to consume such web services by adopting the Open API specification.

HFactory OpenAPI UI

Formerly know as Swagger, the Open API specification is the most widely adopted framework for API documentation and integration. A language-agnostic interface, the Open API format allows both humans and computers to discover and understand the capabilities of a REST API without the need for any additional code or documentation. Developers can even interact with the API by executing call requests directly from the Open API user interface.

Through the Open API specification, HFactory now exposes a complete, up-to-date and interactive access to its RESTful API via a visual interface. The combined solution makes it easy to build, document and share standard web services on top of a Hadoop data lake, thus helping enterprises expand the scope and get more value from their Big Data implementations.