Your pedagogic environment for Data Science and Machine Learning

Designed for professors

Manage your activities, users and the underlying computing resources from a high-level graphical user interface. Deliver all your project resources in one single place. Monitor the progress of your students and get metrics on the performance of their models, the quality of their code and the structure of their Git repository.

Web-based professor dashboard

Loved by students

Keep on using the JupyterLab interface you are familiar with while getting instant access to pre-installed and validated packages & libraries. Gain access distributed computing and GPU ressources for your Big Data and Deep Learning projects. Learn coding best practices and develop you skills from tips, peer comparisons and code quality reports.

Instant setup & cool extensions

Architected for the CIO

Enjoy a platform purposely-built for academia, with private hosting of the data for collaborative projects with corporate partners and other universities. Adapt security levels according to the sensitivity of the data and the users involved. Gain visibility and control on the use of your infrastructure while avoiding Cloud lock-in.

Fine-grained security controls

Built for DevOps

Deploy HFactory on the K8s cluster of your choice, on-premise or in the Cloud / datacenter of your choice, and get advanced control on the resources allocated for each project (GPUs, sizing of Spark clusters…). Access powerful autoscaling capabilities to efficiently manage your infrastructure and control your costs.

Manage infra by configuration

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