Our vision

Data is the world’s new currency. With the advent of a data-driven economy, enterprises need to infuse data into their products and services to stay competitive. At the same time, most companies do not have the distributed systems and data engineering expertise to easily embrace Big Data, NoSQL and streaming analytics technologies.

We have designed HFactory to deliver a simple, rapid access to these technologies and help you put data in action. The platform packages the best tools available and makes them easier to consume through a business-oriented web API.

HFactory radically simplifies and speeds up the development of data-centric operational applications, and provides you with the agility to succeed in this new economic environment.


What we believe in

In this quest to bring the most advanced technologies to our customers and partners, we are guided by some key product design principles.

Open design

We sit on the shoulders of giants. HFactory does not reinvent the wheel, but makes documented use of standard open-source engines such as HBase or Spark at the infrastructure level.

Choice of deployment

You are in control, not us. You decide whether to deploy the HFactory software on premise or in the Cloud of your choice, or just use it as a managed service from Ubeeko.


For the developer, the data engineer and the end user. We offer all the necessary tools to adapt the HFactory platform with domain-specific business logic, analytic models or visualisations.