HFactory for IT/OT convergence

Converging rail networks on mountain backdrop

In the industrial world, data was not traditionally viewed as an asset. But with the advent of low-cost sensor technology and communications, the wave of disruption that started in the digital world is now entering the physical one.

Data is no longer a side effect of running a business. Applications that monitor, analyse and act on Industrial IoT data are now driving critical operational optimisations initiatives and new customer-facing services.

HFactory helps you adapt to the Industrial Internet age.

Equipment monitoring

Remote control

Predictive diagnostics

Anomaly detection

Operational reporting

Business views


No more silos!

So far, industrial data has only been available on siloed, expensive and proprietary systems from equipment manufacturers. HFactory TSA breaks away from this siloed approach. The software is totally independent from edge devices and its flexible data model makes it easy to combine different data sources, from time series to model data and external information.

Based on a standard set of technologies from web-scale IT (Big Data, NoSQL, streaming analytics), HFactory TSA bundles in an integrated environment real-time data ingestion, flexible data management and advanced analytic processing.

HFactory TSA is your platform for OT/IT convergence.