Unified platform for analytics and data serving


From NoSQL to JSON

HFactory encapsulates the complexity of distributed systems to offer a unified environment for data analytics and application development. The platform makes it easier to build interactive applications embedding data pipelines and data science.

A full-stack solution based on a Scala / Akka stack, HFactory lets you access Big Data from a business perspective, via a standard RESTful API.

The best of Big Data technologies in a packaged solution.

HFactory abstraction layer

Massive scale

Can store billions of data points


Streams and analyses data in real-time

Agile analytics

Integrates with all Spark ML libraries

Data management: HBase

HFactory relies on the Apache HBase wide column datastore for ultimate robustness and versatility. Tightly integrated within the Hadoop ecosystem, HBase is ideal for low-latency storage and retrieval of data inside the cluster. It delivers a unified storage backend for both analytic and operational workloads, limiting the need for cumbersome ETL operations.

  • Distributed technology on commodity hardware
  • One database for all kind of data
  • Flexible NoSQL data model
  • High throughput database for fast reads

Data analytics: Spark

HFactory integrates with Apache Spark for distributed processing and data analytics. The swiss-army knife of Big Data, Spark merges streaming data with interactive and iterative analysis. HFactory seamlessly manages access to Spark resources and persistence of analytic job results into HBase, for use cases such as the computation of percentiles and statistic functions as well as machine learning based analytics.

  • In-memory distributed computing
  • Batch or stream data
  • Real-time event stream analytics
  • Access to MLlib algorithms