Transform your enterprise IT


Embrace emerging technologies

HFactory helps you adapt your enterprise IT to emerging Big Data, NoSQL and streaming analytics technologies. The platform makes it easy to move beyond conventional data management by making these advanced technologies accessible through a standard web API. HFactory handles the database persistence, covers the full stack, and finally exposes data in JSON format via a RESTful interface.

Flexible NoSQL data model

HFactory overcomes the limits of traditional SQL data models: no need to over-engineer the original design as adding new fields and data sources becomes a child’s game.

No ETL architecture

Factory’s architecture radically limits cumbersome ETL operations. By leveraging the HBase in Hadoop database, the platform delivers an integrated environment for data operations and data serving.

Fight data fragmentation

Moving away from monolithic applications, enterprises are now using a mix of one-premise and Cloud components. While this new set-up provides much welcome agility, it tends to further increase data fragmentation. HFactory solves this problem by exposing core enterprise data stored in a “data lake” through the vendor-neutral Open API description format. You stay in control of the data while simplifying and monitoring its access for various applications and services.

Logo Open API specification

Easy API interaction

Leveraging the Open API (aka Swagger) specification, HFactory packages an interactive user interface to explore your APIs.

  • Automated API documentation
  • Ready-to-use interaction interface
  • Streamlined data exchange process
  • API calls monitoring dashboard
  • Roles management

You can now better channel, monitor and report on your organisation’s data flows, both for on-premise services and for SaaS applications in the Cloud. HFactory makes your data architecture API-based.

HFactory OpenAPI UI