Lightning fast Hadoop application development


HFactory has been designed from the start to make it easy to develop Hadoop applications while increasing developer productivity. Beyond SQL-on-Hadoop interfaces, application developers have so far been underserved, with a lack of high-level APIs and tooling. HFactory radically changes the picture. The platform offers to developers the power and simplicity to build better applications faster.

Less application code to write and maintain. HFactory takes care of the heavy lifting.

Slick developer experience with a fully packaged development environment.

An entity-centric API to expose Hadoop data in JSON

HFactory helps build a new class of applications that merge transactional and analytic requirements. The platform makes it easy to serve data out of a Hadoop cluster by delivering ORM-like capabilities and a complete application stack including a Spray-based application server. HFactory abstracts away the complexity of HBase through Scala case classes modelling high-level business objects: iinstead of byte arrays, HFactory offers a strongly-typed, entity-oriented interface for data manipulation, both within applications and for analytic purposes.

Rapid prototyping

REST / JSON bootstrapping

Iterative development

Automated entity mapping

IT business alignment

High-level expressive DSL

Built by developers to simplify the life of developers

No need to painfully stitch together all the necessary tooling to set up your development environment and build an application stack, you can focus on your code and the application business logic from day one.

HFactory Dev Tools package all the essential services required by the developer for development, testing and deployment of JavaScript data-driven applications. You can even choose to either use the fully packaged HFactory Studio virtual development environment or to deploy the project librairies and services in your own IDE.

  • Docker-based development environment
  • Full-stack application scaffolding
  • Automated API documentation via Swagger
  • JSON Server for agile front-end development

HFactory Studio development environment