HFactory for facility management

Buildings landscape

HFactory helps you move to a transversal, holistic view of the buildings under your management: the platform act as a central data hub for both all your metering data as well as your site and maintenance information. Based on real-time Big Data technologies, HFactory overcomes the rigidity and scalability limits of traditional SQL solutions to deliver a future-proof building efficiency system.

Out of the box

BMS integrations


Data from anywhere


Automated spikes detection

No matter what new smart meters will be deployed in the buildings, HFactory is fully independent from connectivity and sensor solutions. Its flexible data model can map your buildings variety, so that you can focus on the service to your customers.

HFactory is fully customisable to the individual requirements of facility management companies. The system can either be used as a Spark-based analytic toolbox for the energy efficiency experts (level-2 support, tracking of energy performance contracts, IPMVP assessments…) or as an end-to-end solution including dashboard visualisation for your customers.

Extend you existing system with streaming analytics and machine learning.

Transition your customer solution to self-service web dashboards.