Deployment options for HFactory


We believe in choice for our customers.

HFactory has been built as a Cloud-agnostic software packaged in Docker containers. So you get to pick the deployment model that best suits your organisation and data confidentiality requirements.

Get started with HFactory as a managed service from Ubeeko, or deploy it as a Docker-based software license on-premise or in the Cloud of your choice.

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On premise

You are in total control. You deploy and manage the complete HFactory platform on your own servers. Using our Docker packages and super simple set-up scripts, you should be all set up within a day.

In the Cloud

No need to worry about the infrastructure any longer. We have experience with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS EMR and IBM Bluemix and will be happy to help you as you make the initial deployment.

Managed Service

The comfort of a fully managed service in the expert hands of Ubeeko. With no compromise on performance and data confidentiality: you get a dedicated virtual private cloud environment for secure integration with your IT.