Easy application development on Cloud Bigtable

Posted on 02 June 2015

In a recent blog post “HBase, one API to rule them all”, we saluted the beta release by Google of its flagship Bigtable database as a Cloud service. Based on the technology powering Google’s Search, Map and Docs web offerings, Cloud Bigtable dramatically alters the landscape of online NoSQL data services. The solution offers unparalleled performance and single-digit millisecond latency, providing an ideal backend for large-scale, data-centric applications. Packaged as a ready-to-use managed environment, Cloud Bigtable perfectly combines web-scale technology with the easy onboarding and administration characteristics of cloud services.

In the background, the data-driven economy has started stretching its boundaries towards industrial corporations, and data is now becoming a major factor of differentiation and competitiveness. As noted by GE’s CEO Jeff Immel, “The industrial world is changing dramatically, and those companies that make the best use of data will be the most successful”. In this context, the ability to prototype, build and try out new IoT applications and services in a fast and efficient manner becomes critical.

Complementing Cloud Bigtable Cloud service, HFactory makes it easy to develop, test and iterate on such data-driven applications. HFactory delivers agile development tooling for Cloud Bigtable: it is a high velocity web application platform on top of the cloud database. In essence, the platform handles the data and application plumbing so that your development team can focus on the business logic and user experience.

At a more detailed level, HFactory offers “ORM-like” functionality for any datastore exposing the HBase open-source API: it abstracts the difficulty to work with wide-column NoSQL structures for the web application developer, and provides an application-level, entity-based REST API. In addition, the platform significantly reduces time to develop by automating the application scaffolding across the full-stack: you can generate your JavaScript / AngularJS custom web application from the simple description of your business entities and of the business logic.

From an implementation perspective, HFactory combines a “Dockerized” Cloud application server and a local development environment based on Eclipse. Both are now fully tested, pre-integrated and validated with Google’s Cloud Bigtable and Container Engine. If you are ready to move to the next stage and start building you own applications with Cloud Bigtable and HFactory, then have a look at our sibling blog post containing the at step-by-step instructions at http://hfactory.io/blog/step-by-step-tutorial-hfactory-for-cloud-bigtable/.